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Umarex Origin Air Rifle 22 Cal. With Pump

Umarex Origin Air Rifle 22 Cal. With Pump

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A .22 caliber multi-pump PCP powered air rifle. Comes with a 4,500 PSI rated hand pump and utilizes a patented Pre-Pressurized air tank that reduces the number of pumps required to fill the tank to full pressure. Provides 100 pumps per fill and 40 shots per fill. Provides a full power shot in 13 pumps. Features a two-stage adjustable trigger, compact side-mounted cocking lever, and automatic overpressure air release. Includes 2 auto-indexing 10-shot rotary magazines, a 3-stage 4,500 PSI HPA hand pump and fill probe.

Features:Multi-shot PCP-powered pellet rifle;23.1" barrel;10-round capacity;1075 fps;PCP powered (compressed air cylinder)
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