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Tethrd Hys Strap

Tethrd Hys Strap

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The patent pending Tethrd HYS Strap is the ultimate public land legal gear hanger. The HYS Strap is made of high strength, mildew and rot resistant polyester that enables you to hang your stuff in whatever way makes sense to you. Put some stuff around the back side of the tree, some on the left, and some on the right. You can easily move your gear and position it wherever it makes sense for your style of hunting. To attach it, simply girth hitch it with any of the existing loops, or use the included T-hook for a quick connection. If you hunt small trees, cut it to length.

Features:7? long can be cut to length for hunter preference;Ultra-light at 3 ounces;3/4? webbing for ultra-packability;1.75? distance between links;T-Hook included;Coyote tan for maximum concealment
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