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Ripcord Max Ims Arrow Rest Lh

Ripcord Max Ims Arrow Rest Lh

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Drop-away rest powered by the buss cable on your bow. It's been improved through the use of ball bearings in the rest housing to eliminate any wiggle in the operation. This is the arrow rest for the bowhunter who wants supreme accuracy, full arrow containment.

Features:Ball bearing drive system allows for smooth operation and unmatched accuracy;Vault lock cord drive allows you to make quick, accurate adjustments and gives you an easy way to change your cord if needed;Full time arrow containment keeps your arrow inside the rest at all times;Thumbcock allows you to easily set your rest in the upright position;Double down brake system gives no bounce back for increased accuracy;Firefall design will stays up on let down and only falls when the bow is shot;Lightweight aluminum construction for a lifetime of use;Features IMS (Integrated Mounting System) technology, dovetails machined into your riser provide a superior connection with the arrow rest compared to the old bolt and bracket.
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