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Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct Discharge Bolt

Killer Instinct Discharge Bolt

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At the end of a hunt, safely unload your crossbow without worrying about damaging one of your hunting bolts. The DEADSTOP decocking point is composite molded around Ultra-Dense Stainless Steel to withstand repeated ground impact from today’s high-powered crossbows. Dual-Tier Stop Ring design slows down velocity and stops the bolt instantly from burrowing in the ground. Highly Visible Reflective wrap and bright florescent vanes make DeadStop Decocking Bolt easy-to-find when discharging after dark. Keep the DeadStop bolt stashed in your quiver for a safe and easy way to unload your crossbow.

Features:Safelty unload your crossbow;Composite molded around ultra dense stainless steel;Highly visible reflective wrap
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