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Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro Rest Black Lh

Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro Rest Black Lh

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Containment hunting rest with design elements from the VersaRest series in a more streamline package that is 20 percent lighter. Zero tolerance technology prevents any lateral shaft play and ensure smooth rotation. Features Zero Stop technology for launcher consistency and an 8-sided non-slip compression clamp for the launcher cord. In-line dampening coil prevents launcher bounce-back and universal limb clamp works on any limb design. Can be operated by bottom limb, top limb, upward moving cable, or downward moving cable.

Features:4 Different configurations(TopLimb, Bottom Limb, Cable Activated, Cable fall-away);Dual Sealed Stainless ball bearings;In-line dampening coil to eliminate launcher bounce back;Internal Torsion Spring Adjustment;Quiet overmolded containment launcher and bracket
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