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Easton X10 Protour Shafts 420 1 Doz.

Easton X10 Protour Shafts 420 1 Doz.

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Made with a lightweight carbon fiber outer shell bonded to a precision 7075 alloy core. Designed specifically for compound archers who shoot field and outdoor target archery. Small diameter and tapered design resist wind drift, even at longer ranges. Straightness tolerance: +-.0015". Available in sizes 380 (8.4 GPI), 420 (8.0 GPI), 470 (7.6 GPI), 520 (7.3 GPI), 570 (6.9 GPI), 620 (6.7 GPI), 670 (6.5 GPI), 720 (6.2 GPI) and 770 (6.0 GPI). All components sold separately.

Features:Lightweight carbon fiber bonded to precision alloy core;Designed for compound archers;Ideal for field and outdoor target archery;Small diameter;Tapered design for less wind resistance
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