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Axcel Landslyde Plus Picatinny Sight Av-41 1 Pin .010 Green Rh

Axcel Landslyde Plus Picatinny Sight Av-41 1 Pin .010 Green Rh

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Slider sight with rapid adjust knob and quick release that slides the sight up and down along precision made, whisper quiet gear teeth for precise fine tuned yardage settings. An adjustable dead stop allows you to quickly access 20 yards or any other yardage setting, but works extremely well when used with the sight's two individually adjustable pointers. Sight also features our super-rugged double-sided metal sight tapes that includes 8 metal tapes with 16 scales. The first, second and third axis adjustments are each true, easily, and independently adjustable. The quick adjust Rheostate cover dims the fiber optic pins from star bursting in direct sunlight. Comes with AV-41 scope has a 1 3/4" or 41MM inside diameter with crosshair works well in hunting blinds and has a torque indicator on front of scope to help identify if your bow is canted to one side or the other. Fire pin equipped tough CNC machined pins. This sight has CCT technology aiming ring at same depth as sight pins, designed for greater accuracy when viewed slightly off center. The Picatinny in-line sight mounts your sight to the front of your bow for better balance and create a super strong and durable connection so functional is the ability to adjust the sight in or out to one of three positions to match the peep sight to the scope housing or up or down to one of three positions on the bow riser for enhanced elevation adjustments. Adjustments with each picatinny connection can be done with one screw and snugged down slightly with a hex key wrench.

Features:CNC machined Fire pins;Comes with AV Hunter scope has a 1 3/4" or 41MM inside diameter.;True separate 1st, 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments;Picatinny in-line sight mount
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