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Axcel Accutouch Picatinny Sight Accustat Ii 3 Pin .019 Rh-lh

Axcel Accutouch Picatinny Sight Accustat Ii 3 Pin .019 Rh-lh

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Slider sight allows to set each Accu-Click at a specific 20, 30, 40 yards so the slider stops where you want it. A 45 degree rear facing sight tape allows easy recognition of the sight pointer. Adjustable red elevation tension lever provides own personal choice of how easily the sight slides along the elevation bar. Features all axis leveling capabilities from the fire adjustments NO shims needed to the second and third axis leveling on the head of the scope adjustment. Push button windage lock when engaged does not allow the windage knob to turn. Superior windage dovetail guide system. Comes with Accustat 41MM 1 3/4" scope. Fire pin equipped tough CNC machined pins with a rheostat cover to dial down brightness. TCS connector instead of the 10-32 rod. Visible in line sight level. CCT aiming ring designed for greater accuracy when viewing off center. The Picatinny in-line sight mounts your sight to the front of your bow for better balance and create a super strong and durable connection so functional is the ability to adjust the sight in or out to one of three positions to match the peep sight to the scope housing or up or down to one of three positions on the bow riser for enhanced elevation adjustments. Adjustments with each picatinny connection can be done with one screw and snugged down slightly with a hex key wrench.

Features:CNC machined Fire pins;Comes with Accustat 41MM 1 3/4" scope Fire pin equipped;1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustments;Picatinny in-line sight mount
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