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Otis Ripcord Bore Snake .45 Cal.

Otis Ripcord Bore Snake .45 Cal.

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Ripcord features a rigid, helix-shaped rubber core that keeps the cleaning surface pressed against the bore, engaging the rifling for an aggressive clean of .45 cal firearms. The braided Nomex surface can withstand temperatures up to 700° F, allowing you to clean at the range or in the field when the barrel is hot. The easy-feed design makes cleaning easy from breech to muzzle. The 8-32 threaded end fits all Otis cleaning components. The Ripcord measures 22.5” long with 10” of aggressive cleaning surface.

Features:Cleans .45 cal firearms;22.5" long with 10" of aggressive cleaning surface;Heat resistant up to 700°F;Nomex fibers act as both a brush and patch;8-32 threaded ends to fit all Otis cleaning components
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